My 3 Year Old Son Refuses To Sleep In His Toddler Bed!

So my little boy does not want to sleep in his own bed, i lay him down in his bed but he crys to sleep in my bed, when he falls asleep i go and lay him down i try & be sneaky but he notices -__-
Help me out please what else can i do to make him sleep in his own bed?
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Make him sleep alone dont let your toddler win lol

I also wanted to say that to be me it seems unnatural to have my son in one room and then have him hear me chatting in another room when he wants to be with me. I read in my room--which is where he sleeps--until he gets tired and falls asleep. Or I leave the room and come back to check on him and I always tell him that I will be back soon. I don't know if my posts are helpful or not but my intentions are good.

Well, I am a granola mama so these are my thoughts on the subject: I would try putting a toddler bed in your room and have him sleep next to you and rub his head or rub his hand while he is resting. I would also sing him a lullaby that you make up. I have one for my son. Make sure your son's name is in it a lot. I would also turn on a Baby Einstein Mozart or sleepy time video and have him watch it until he is tired enough to sleep.