Veronica's Birth Day

We had a busy weekend, our long awaited little sister finally arrived, so I thought I would share the story for my EP family and friends could join in the experience.

Friday started out like any normal day, I was busy with school work most of the morning, Friday is always a busy day because I have all my tests, and I am always relieved when lunchtime comes.
My tutor makes us follow a strict schedule we get a short morning break and then our lunch break goes from 12:30-1:15 so at exactly twelve thirty we were dismissed from our studies and we went to the kitchen to get some lunch and we helped ourselves to some leftover spaghetti and salad.
My mom came in a few minutes later to make some lunch but instead she gasped and grabbed her stomach...............she turned to Erica and said "Sweetie go find your daddy and tell him your baby sister is on the way."
Erica's eyes got wide as saucers I think from a combination of excitement and concern, she ran off screaming at the top of her lungs.........."DAAAADDDDY DADDY COME QUICK VERONICA WANTS TO COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
My mom sat down in a nearby chair to rest a minute she was holding her stomach and letting out slow deep breaths.....I am guessing contractions hurt. Next she turned to me and said "Lexi darling Go get the overnight suitcases and the diaper bag and put them in the car for me please?"
I quickly ran and did as she said usually I dont like playing servant but I knew this was an urgent matter.
I put the bags in the car and came back in the kitchen where Erica had returned with my dad. The birth of a baby can be a very stressful time for the expectant father, ha ha I think my dad was stressing more than my mom, he kept asking her if she was okay? if she felt alright? was there anything else she needed? My mom stayed calm and very simply said "I'm fine I have done this twice I can do it a third...........just so we are clear there will not be a fourth."
They quickly went over the plan with us, they would go to the hospital and the nanny would bring us later after school, but they would keep us posted on any updates. My dad help mom into the car and they left, as they were backing out of the garage I noticed they were both sitting together in the front and behind them in the middle of the back seat was an empty car seat, when they returned there would be a new little baby buckled in it.
We waved good-bye till they turned at the end of the drive way and disappeared then Jessy (our nanny) shooed us back inside so we could get back to lunch and back to school.

It was nearly impossible to try and concentrate on our school work, we both were bouncing out of our  seats we were so happy we couldnt keep still, this was a very exciting time for us.

Back in May my parents told us we were going to have another baby sibling, this came as a HUGE suprise since I am 17 my sister Erica is 12 and my mom is 49. And it has been a rough 9 months, me and my mom had our many arguments, for some reason her pregnancy hormones were targeted at me lol, we had to postpone my first vacation out of the country, and we had to get used to eating Italian food almost every night because that was my moms food craving.
When we found out the baby was a girl, my mom choose the name "Veronica Celeste" she wanted a "V" name because both her and my aunt have names that start with V and Celeste is after a cousin of mine who very tragically passed away in a car accident this summer, I personally think Veronica is too preppy so I have nicknamed her "Roni" and I think the name is starting to stick.
Erica was very excited that she was going to be a big sister, but she is at the age where she is very curious and this lead to some awkward conversations about "where babies come from?" and I avoided those at all costs.
My mom spent months getting the nursrey ready and me and Erica had to get used to the new nanny my parents hired to care for the  baby because they said they are too old to be up late all night caring for a screaming baby.
After all  the waiting and preparation the day finally came, and our new baby sister was on the way.
I admit I was very excited and couldnt wait to meet her and hold her for the first time.

We got done with school around 4pm and we got ready to leave as soon as possible I helped Erica packed her backpack with dolls and colored pencils to keep her occupied while we waited, and I brought my lap top with so I could post pictures once she was born.
We got in the car and began the hour and half drive to Dallas with  Jessy and my grandma, she lives next door to us she and wanted to be there to see her granddaughter be born.

Me and Erica were both born in this same hospital, and actually with the same doctor that would be delivering Veronica.
We got to the hospital and still no baby but we  got to visit with my mom for a little while, she was settled and doing well, she was happy to see us, but said it would probably be a few more hours before the birth, she was fixing her make up and I asked why she said, "Even when you are giving birth you should look good doing it.".......... *shaking my head at her* I love my mom but she can be vain sometimes lol.
We went back out to the waiting room and got comfortable Erica was bouncing up and down she was so excited and she was telling everyone we came across " I'M GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER TODAY :D." ha ha she is a very proud big sister.
We waited a couple more hours and my grandmother would tell us funny stories about my dad and uncle when they were mischevious  little boys ha ha.

It was getting late in the afternoon and the sun was starting to go down so we went to Chiles and picked up burgers and brought my dad back something to eat poor guy was starving he missed lunch lol.
My dad came out and  said Veronica could be born  any minute now so we anxiously waited his next return.
Erica was running all over the room she was so excited and I couldnt keep still so i was pacing up and down the halls, writing in the journal I have been making for Veronica, I wrote down how excited we were and that we couldnt wait to finally meet her.
Erica finally got settled down and we snuggled together under her blanket and I was chatting with EP friends keeping them updated on what was happening.

Our new sister 'Veronica Celeste' had been born December 7, 2012, 8:45 pm, she weighed 6lbs. 8 oz. 19.5 inches long, a beautiful baby with a head full of dark hair and big brown  eyes. My mom gave birth naturally  because she didnt want to have a scar, so my dad held her hand the whole time and I am assuming those must have been some pretty hard pushes since he thought his hand might be broken.
Only a handful of times ever in my life has my dad cried, recent times I can remember would be when I ran away, and when a good friend of his passed away, but my mom says that he cried when both me and Erica were born he said we were just so precious and beautiful that it brought tears to his eyes.

It had already been an hour since we had last talked with my dad, after what seemed like forever we finally saw him coming down the hall he looked tired but had a proud smile on his face and tears forming in his eyes ='), Erica ran up and gave him a big hug, he picked her up and said "There is someone who wants to meet you but you have to be very calm and quiet we dont want to scare her."
We walked down the hall way with him and I was thinking "this is it she's finally here I finally get to meet my new baby sister". We went in my moms room and she was cradling a little white bundle in pink blankets my mom looked exhausted but she had a huge smile on her face. Out of pure excitement Erica let out a happy mom put her finger to her lips to say *shhhhh*. Erica whispered, "Oh please pleeeeaaasse  can I hold her first????"
My dad told Erica to sit down on the couch and put the burp cloth over her shoulder because Veronica had just had her  first meal. Erica got into position and my dad picked up the little bundle it was so tiny it almost fit in one of his huge hands. He handed the baby to Erica and reminded her about how she has to support the neck, she very carefully held Veronica as if she was made of glass and craddled her on her shoulder and gave her a kiss on the forehead and said "Hi Veronica I'm your big sister Erica we are going to have so much fun together and I will take good care of you."  Awwwwww thats one of those moments where it is so adorable it brings tears to your eyes :'), she is going to make a wonderful big sister =D

Next it was my turn I sat down and held the little angel, she was so sweet and precious and I was smiling so much i couldn't stop :D its a wonderful feeling knowing you are holding a new life.
My grandma was the next one to hold little Veronica and I know she was very happy too =) my grandma now has 11 grand children and 12 great grandchildren.

 Veronica was passed around the room a few more times, it was getting late and both baby and momma needed their rest so we gave Veronica a few last goodnight kisses, we gave our very proud parents hugs :) and headed home for the night we would be back in the morning.

The next morning Erica was up bright and early she wanted to go back to the hospital to see her baby sister again as soon as possible.
We brought some lunch to share with my parents and got to see that little angel again she had a cute little bow in her hair and was sleeping peacefully on my moms chest.

We are already spoiling her ha ha we got her some balloons to got above her little baby cradle.
By this time a lot of other family and friends were stopping in to see her, both sets of my aunt and uncles and lots of my mom friends from Dallas came to visit and bring thier "Congradulations" and last minute gifts.
The doctors said Veronica was doing great and if everything looked okay she could come home on Sunday yay.
My dad said he would like to take us out for dinner to spend some quality time with his daughters.
That evening me, my dad and Erica went out for a steak dinner, and then we went to the downtown district and did a little Chirstmas shopping in the various art and jewelry galleries. I actually had a lot of fun I like spending time with my family =)
My dad came home with us that night, my mom stayed in the hospital with Veronica, and we made sure everything would be ready for their arrival home :)
The next morning we baked some strawberry cupcakes with sprinkles and decorated a sparkley "WELCOME HOME VERONICA WE LOVE YOU!!!!!" sign. Erica did a last minute check over the nursrey and we headed to the hospital to bring them home.

We got to the hospital and my mom had just finished feeding Veronica her breakfast, she asked me if I would like to hold her, I declined her offer because in my experience with babies they always have a tendancy to "spit up" more than half of what they ate. Erica didnt want to hold the baby either (ha ha she is smart) so my dad took over the job of burping her. Man I didnt know such a little baby could spit that much, she missed the towel and the regurgitated milk went down his back hahaha.
Veronica got him again when he volunteered to change her diaper, in my experience babies can be tricky to change, the times I have changed my nephews I always make sure they are covered so I dont get hit by the "automatic sprinkler." My dad loves Veronica and he wants to help take care of her but he is a little out of practice...........He was wiping her and *SPLASH* hahaha she peed right down his shirt.
He was slightly annoyed but he loves his baby girl he likes when  she sleeps on his chest and he probably would stand on his head just to make her smile :). Here is a picture he took in the hospital ha ha her eyes are open but she is making a silly face.

We helped my mom get all the blankets and baby gear packed up and got checked out of the hospital. My dad made sure Veronica was safely secured in her carseat, and then we all headed home.
Erica is so proud to be a big sister, she was telling Veronica everything..............." see this my doll her name is Teresa.........this is the picture I colored when we were waiting for you to come out.............see this pen that looks like a candy cane and the ink smells like mint........... (she was watching Phineas and Ferb) see that guy Veronica thats Dr. Doofensmirtz he's an idiot just like our big brother Clay, (then she whispered to her) "when you meet him spit up on him okay ".

We were all together taking our new sister home its kind of a strange feeling knowing that our family is one person bigger now, its a very nice feeling but it will take some adjustment.
We turned into the driveway and as the house came into view  I thought to myself " I have grown up here and so has Erica and my older brothers and so will Veronica she will be the next one running around the yard playing with her dog (or cat)  and sliding down the banister, getting into trouble and finding new secret hiding places". I only wish she could have known life growing up with siblings closer to her age, but me and Erica will be always be there for her to teach her about life, and the fine art of pranking ha ha.

We got home and my parents carried their precious new daughter through the door into the house where she would live and learn and grow in the best years of her childhood. Erica carried her all over the place into each individual room, showing her all around the house ha ha she is sooooo happy to be a big sister:)
We had the cupcakes for a snack and then showed Veronica to her new room and put her down for a nap, I think she likes her new bed =)

These first few days with a new baby in the house have been great, Jessy takes over the night shift, I feel bad for her because all I hear all night is *waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa* ha ha Veronica cries all night and sleeps during the day but I guess thats what babies are suppose to do.
My mom has the day shift and I think she is really enjoying her new  daughter.  Erica has been an awesome big sister, she helped give Veronica her first bath, and she picks out clothes for her everyday, today she even helped give Veronica her bottle..............although Erica was pretty disgusted when she spit up down her back : /.............she hasnt attempted changing a diaper yet, but maybe she will get to that sometime later.
I love holding my new little sister whenever I get a chance :) she is so sweet I never want to put her down lol.
We have got a few more visitors, and my grandma absolutely adores Veronica and  loves rocking her, so basically there is not a moment when Veronica ever is alone someone always is taking care of her and making sure she is comfortable :)

Overall this has been a great experience, I think about it and last December I could never imagine having a baby sister, but now here she is precious and perfect in every way. Later years might be challenging as it sometimes is in families with large age gaps but God knows and has a plan for our family. Veronica's journey has just started and I can't wait to see her grow into a beautiful young woman.

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