Help Me Understand ?

Okay not that I do not think that some bald men are sexy. But I have this one gal friend of mine who really likes bald men...she gets all excited and giddy whenever we talk about it, however she has never really explained to me um yea why she gets so turned on, am I missing something here? hahah I am just curious. Muah! to all the bald men that are reading this. Um is it something sexual or? hahahah I just had to ask.... :)
Ariane77 Ariane77
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they ignite my neurons

I a very attracted to bald men myself, whether they are naturally bald or shave their head. For me, baldness in men is a sign of low maintenance & high testosterone. And, I always hit it off with bald guys. I just like the way it looks. It is waaay awesome to still look sexy with no hair.

Well... yes, it's something sexual. Definitely something sexual, hahaha! I guess that I'm so sexy, I don't need hair to convince me that I'm sexy... Schmooth is the way to go...


... and just in case you were wondering, yes I am follically challenged - or as I call it, I have a superaerodynamic hairdo ;) Like the great Jesse "The Body" Ventura used to say: "It ain't a bald spot, it's a solar panel for a sex machine!"

Hahah that was an interesting way of putting it :D

Once you go bald... You know the rest.

Hahah :)