I Voted For and Support Him...

but he is already gotten so-o-o-o commercialized. T-shirts,books(other than his auto-biographies),even a damn comic book! I think he is good for this country and will hopefully switch things around. With the economy down the drain I don't think we should be wasting our recources on advertising him. The best thing we can do is live our lives and have faith in him.

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Me....I think that someone has forgotten to tell Obama thqt he won......And he does not have to campain anymore for the next 2 1/2 yearsgg

I agree completely about the romanticization / commercialization of Obama. This was a politically useful tool during his campaign.<br />
But now that he is in, my view is that the worst thing to do would be to sit back, assume that he wil (and will be able to) take care of everything. As he said himself, referring to FDR and the New Deal, "Make me do it." <br />
He is under tremendous pressure from the most walthy and powerful sectors in the US economy; these interests do not give back power or wealth willingly. Obama needs the political capital of a massive amount of pressure to make the kinds of changes that those who voted for him and/or wish to support him want to see. Tihis is what motivated FDR (in addition to Eleanor's conscience goading him on); he would not have and could not have faced down the power-elite without massive public outrage and demand for change.<br />
<br />
We, as citizens, must exert this pressure, thus providing Obama the "excuse" he needs to implement these changes, over the ob<x>jections of the wealthy elite who will lose a bit of their wealth and power. A similar full-court press must be exerted on Congress. To do or demand nothing is to leave him to the whims of the powerful business interests, with no obvous support base for another agenda.<br />
In this country, we tend to forget that what defines the country, and the purpose for which its institutions exist is, in fact, we the people. It is not we the corporations or we the few thousand richest and most influential virtual oligarchs. Although that is how it tends to work in paractice, it does not have to. The one force that is more powerful than any institution of government, any repressive police-state tactics, any military--is overwhelming public opinion. As a very wise person has said, "They will keep doing it as long as we keep letting them." There's nothing mysterious about this; it's a simple numbers game; when even a substantial minority of the population refuses to do the master's bidding, the master's power evaporates. In a functioning true democracy, the overriding driving force motivating all politicians (public servants) would be the interests of their constituets--the public. Democracy is a participatory sport, and the game never ends; we have the power, we simply need to exert it. Starting with Obama and the current Congress.