He's Not Jesus People

 hes not going to turn the water into wine. i voted obama because i wanted a change from bush. i personally think obama will change the country. now whether its for good or bad, it is still way too early to tell. hes not going to cure humanity's diseases of greed, famine, and violence. and if you are expecting that, then you will be gravely disappointed.....at this point, the most we can hope for is a better america, not a sudden change in the world. and it will probably take all of his 4 yrs in office for our country to have any dramatic transformation. it has not happened yet, and it will not happen overnight. i believe in obama, but i'm not celebrating just yet, and i would suggest the same to anyone who is so eager to praise a mans ideas....lets wait and see his actions......

we put him in office because he had great ideas......but only his actions will decide if he is indeed a great president. and yes he is the first black president, which in itself, is a tremendous leap forward for the human race. whether he does a good or bad job in the end, our vote for him has certainly opened new doors for many other african americans.

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'I do hope he concentrates more on the employment problems than he does health care.'<br />
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me too!!!!! great to see ya, blue

Obama is limited by Congress. This is both good and bad. That arguments can go either way.<br />
I do hope he concentrates more on the employment problems than he does health care.<br />
Health care will be a huge problem as long as every congressman tries to add something for his district into the bill. I believe Obama has good intentions but is not as in touch with the people as many believe him to be. Recent events may be helping him understand that. I hope.<br />
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Hi Antiyou. : ) Miss you

He... He's NOT Jesus?<br />
WHAT HAVE WE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL THIS TIME? I thought that's why we all cared, because he's the new Jesus... now I learn we're still waiting.<br />
Bummer of a new year

i still like my old avatar....i just felt like using this new pic that i took.....<br />
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as for obama, i dont really care anymore.....doesnt matter whos in office, i'll wind up working till the day i die (a good friend told me that)

It was what the word balloons said. Oh, I forgot, you can't read..... <br />
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Formeonly, why are word balloons so interesting?

Antiyou. I love that avatar.<br />
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It's a classic.

That's "mettle" not "metal". They aren't robots you know.<br />
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Each of your Presidents has had his metal tested, having reach around the world comes with those responsibilities implicit. To romanticize Obama makes his expectations tougher to achieve. So just let his ideas be put into action and go from there ...<br />
Where I'm from, the New Democratic Party NDP ... formerly the CCF (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation) created Medicare provincially, which became federal policy, and is now copied world-wide. Your Barack Obama reminds me of Tommy Douglas, and I'm hoping people don't expect too much of him that they give up on his efforts ... give him an extra 100 days ... we have a minority government right now ready to destroy our country if Obama doesn't pan out moderately ...

no offense orien, but i'd a voted for a human foot over mccain....he was one man i did not want in office.....i like the idea of universal healthcare, i like the idea of actually helping out your fellow man....i dont like the idea of trickle down economics, and many americans dont like our current private healthcare system ( i wouldnt know seeing as i'm one of the uninsured), and i dont like the assumed american dream of every man for himself...i'm sick of the people at the bottom getting nothing. i've never been at the bottom until now; america is falling apart and its because our system sucks....so yeah, i voted for the guy who didnt say the same **** as all the other guys....for me, that was reason enough....and voting obama in office may turn out to have been a mistake, but theres no way for anyone to determine that at this moment.....the best thing to be, no matter who you are or who you voted for, is positive.....

what ideas? he ran on a lame slogan of hope and change. It is amazing that so many voted for a man with no substance...just a catchy campaign slogan.

i also just want to add, helping the poor isnt going to make them lazier....giving me food for my kids, insurance for myself and my children, and helping every now and then when i need it isnt going to make me content where i'm at.....i will still look for a job, i will still do whatever i can.....maybe i dont deserve it, but i still give the man on the street a few dollars when i can regardless of how he got there.<br />
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most people without work actually want to go to work.

every household that pays taxes is responsible for around 38,000 just for the speding bill. Now add to that the regular speding budget of the governemnt. Then add to that all the other new spending the new President wants put through congress in the next several months.

I agree...we'll wait and see.

nevermind, i was thinking of the irs stimulus package......as for obamas millions of dollars stimulus package, i have no clue yet, we'll have to wait and see

What do you mean?

i dont even think i'm part of the stimulus package this year.....

Nothing. I was just fooling around. :-)<br />
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I think what you say is correct, except I think the stimulus package is going to hurt us....

what was wrong with what i said?

Uh oh... I'm staying out of this one... hehe