Baylee Rose

baylee came to us, we were not looking for her but she was looking for us. One day the door bell rang and a little boy was standing there holding the cutest little beagle. Mrs Alther he said to me, you lost one of your beagles, i looked at my brood with their faces pressed against the mudroom glass door and counted one two three...buddy, betsy brittany all present and accounted for. the little boy was not happy. but she has a purple collar, he said to me. and she she did but she did not belong to me. three day days later, the door bell rang and it was the boy again saying i had lost one of my dogs. AGAIN i told him she did not belong to me. During that week several nieghbors called me to say one of my dogs had gotten loose. after two weeks of this i asked them to hold onto her. my husband said, "Amy do not take that dog in, somebody will realize she belongs to them and you will be heartbroken". off i went up the hill and then down the hill i came with the cutest little beagle i had ever laid eyes on, well except for brittany betsy or buddy. she was so petite, so cute and so very very hungry. that was ten years ago and nobody came for her. and she fit perfectly into my family. the week after we lost our beloved betsy and only 6 months after losing our buddy, baylee developed a lump on the top of her head. it turned out to be mast cell cancer, DEADLY in dogs.....although she has a huge scar on her head she survived and never even skipped a beat as a fun loving beagle. in february of this year, i got the lay off notice for my job..ouch.....i came home to find baylee bleeding from her mouth, after an emergency visit to the vet it was discovered she has thrombocytopenia, low platelette counts....i was devestated and scared. the vets office told me there was nothing they could do other than treat her with steroids and hope she does not bleed to death before the steroids can help raise her platlettes and allow her body to clot the blood. I took her home and held towels under her mouth for three days....the bleeding stopped and her counts rose. she has done so well for the last six months and now she is having a lower intestine issues. due to her throbocytopenia her treatments are limited. the treatments can set off the thrombocytopenia.....and so i hold my breath and as usual she is ruling my world...her and brittany!!!!
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lol, back then i was able to march and march i did up that hill....and freddie should have known better than to ever say no to me.....which he almost never did....hehehe