My Fantasy

My fantasy, to me, the ultimate in hot/cute is this:

I picture a somewhat short, pixie-like woman, she is maybe 4'10" to 5'1" tall, lightweight, but well toned, healthy, strong, flexible. She has long, curly brown hair and big blue eyes. She has a terrible secret, though, that makes her cuter and sexier than anything else, and that is that she wets the bed.

Like me, she hates diapers. She's worn them all her life, because she hasn't had a lot of choice in the matter, but on this particular night, I tell her that I think she is as cute as they come, and I think a diaper spoils that. No, I don't want her to wear a diaper; I want her to wear a pair of cute satin panties, the kind that have a full *** but reduce down to just a string at the sides and have a little bow on the front of the waistband. They are royal blue, as is her cami, because it sets off her gorgeous blue eyes. She is nervous about this, because there's a good chance she is going to make a mess of the bed, but I don't care; I think she is so much cuter in this outfit than in anything involving a diaper, and so it is.

Before bed, I ask her to make sure she is well-hydrated. After all, I want her to be healthy, and you should drink lots of water to stay healthy. She does.

She is very tired; she just wants to cuddle for a while before going to sleep, and so we do. As she drifts off to sleep, I lay there awake, with her in my arms, waiting, anticipating, hoping.

And then it happens.

She moans gently in her sleep. A gentle whooshing hissing sound emerges from under the covers for just a moment. It subsides, and I know we are just about there. The hissing comes back, louder, and more insistent than before, and I feel a warmth underneath me as she lays there in my arms, sound asleep, and peeing in her cute little panties.

I am instantly hard. Despite this, I try to join the fun by letting a dribble escape into my briefs. The pressure builds and finally I am peeing full force as well.

Damn, I want her.

I lean over and kiss her gently on the cheek. She wakes up and smiles knowing it's me. She panics for a brief moment when she realizes that she, the bed, and I, are all soaked. I wrap my arms around her and calm her, kissing her everywhere my lips can find.

I sit up, and help her slide out of her soggy panties. I slip my briefs off and give them a careless toss. They hit the floor with a soggy "schlop" and I lay down on top of her.

Within moments, I am inside her, and she forgets about the soggy panties and the puddle we are laying in. We keep going for the rest of the night, ******* each others brains out, peeing all over each other whenever we the need arises, and then ******* some more.

It's perfect.
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

I am 5 ft 7 I love to wear diapers to bed I have all my life a wet diaper gets me going more than any thing I love getting fingerd in a wet diaper then eaten

I share the basic same dream. I just hope and pray some day it comes true for you and me.