I Am Planning An "accident"

I am planning an accident to wet my bed tonight
AdultBaby15 AdultBaby15
18-21, F
11 Responses Jan 6, 2013

did it happen yet??Have you made an accident in bed tonight??? Lets get going adultbaby15. We are all waiting for you to be put in diapers and pink plastic panties. Then mom will come buy and spank you and then diaper you.. you will cry real tears and the you will know what a baby feels like binkeyboy

did you wet your diaper or just have a accident this am?? Well did you make yet today yet..I bet you will make soon. Enjoy yourself!!! binkeyboy

those accidents will happen as time goes buy. Little girls like you need a daddy to take care of your accidents Binkeyboy

What a silly girl you are. lol. You don't "plan" accidents. Accidents just happen. Sounds more like you're just a "Happening" kind of girl. Hee hee

You need to be diapered!!!!

I would love it if you were sleeping on top of me.

It's not something I need to plan. It will just happen almost as sure as night follows day. I hope your bedwetting was all you hoped it would be.

Hi how are u i wet the bed am 27/m and i wear pull ups also i like to text let me know

How did it go?

Who, where, why, what? We need details, not just a statement.

I wet my bed