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I my self have wet the bed all my life I am 31 married and mom of 3 twin boys 7 and a girl 6 i started to like my bed wetting at 15
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we never had kids both of us could not have a child, but as we grew up from 12, we did bring 4 up basically we had to be potty train them, and the whole works but 3 of the kids had damage done to their bodies so they had poor control; still at that age and after a few weeks of working with them. We just made a deal with them, and they seemed ok with that deal when they were with us training pants were allowed and they were allowed at school but they had to use the bath room while in school.

I do not know how much time was had picked them up from class as we walked to the hot dog lace across the street all of them would be soaked but hey were great kids, they may not have been potty trained . but they knew colors and the knew basic match they could read and write to a far better point then any other than first years and it just went high each year.

Do your kids pee in their beds and pee in their pants

the kids are good all day but do wet at night

I have wet the bed most of my life. Just about every night as a child and more often than not as a teenager. I discovered just how muych I enjoyed being a bedwetter when I was about 11 or 12 when I realised I could stay dry at night if I really tried. I just missed the wet feeling and to be honest just gave up tying to be dry at night and often wet deliberately. I did stop wetting for a brief spell at the end of my teens but was wetting the bed regularly again by my mid 20's and have wet on and off ever since. Sometimes in my sleep and sometimes deliberately. More recently my nightly bedwetting returned and I couldn't be happier. I genuinely sleep better when wet. I always have. I probably could have beaten my bed wetting during my teens with a bit of effort but I just couldn't be bothered. I have accepted that being a bedwetter is just part of being me and I wouldn't want to be dry at night now. I love everything about being a bedwetter and just couldn't imagine it any other way now.

yes I was never dry at night befor I started to like it then I did not want to be dry

Wow that is sexy

It's one thing wetting your bed when you don't have to worry about someone catching you, but it must be tricky living in a family as big as yours. That one of your children catches you in a wet bed! Does your husband approve? I'm sure you pick your bedwetting moments so you're not caught in a pissy wet bed.

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