The Winds Of Change Howl

Standing on the edge
Poised on the precipice
As the old world old life
Falls away into the dust; it is no more

Forward is the only real choice
But so dark
So dim
So full of uncertainty
Fear of the unknown freezes me
What is lurking in those swirling mists
Ghosts of past, present, future
And the winds of change howl

My past is gone but I can't see a path
Only the screaming uncertianty
And fear!
Step forward into that mist?
But what if I fall?
Break a bone?
My neck?
My heart?

I can't!
I won't!
I must!

Terrified I leap
Into the Future
And the winds of change howl

Bearing me into my destiny

Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Jan 12, 2013