One of My Ep Regrets

If I was to start over on EP I would be extremely selective about adding people to my cirle.  My biggest regret here is having way too many people in my circle for me to keep up with.   I just got so curious over the time I've been on here (I think going onto two years) wanting to learn more about people or wondering what kind of pics they had or just wanting to keep up with what they were writing.     Now I would prefer to just have a few close friends. 

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I was wondering about that, since you have 93 friends why you were posting in the the christian group about being on fire for Jesus. Surely your friends write you and give you support.<br />
I am being very selective about the friends I'm choosing because I want to interact with them and support them when things are going bad.<br />
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Maybe some of your friends aren't even here much anymore. Send them a message and inform them that you'll delete them but that you don't mean anything bad to them<br />
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Friends and acquaintances are the same here as they are in real life. You have few friends. You may have many acquaintances.