It Does Mean Something to Me!

I don't take the title of friendship lightly. If I add a person to my circle, it means that I am willing and sure that I will be a great friend to them. I am not a name-collector, by all means. =p

Growing up, I had no friends... just bullies. And in my adult-life, no friends still.

I know there is a trend, of people just adding others to their circle, for name-sake. And I know that there are people, who take advantage of others kindness and feel entitled to treat others however they want... These types are jerks, btw! But, I do hope that the majority on EP realize that many are here to find REAL friends. That this place isn't a joke and to most people of EP, adding a friend means something. It means real friendship or an invitation to a real friendship.

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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I agree..

I agree with you.<br />
It is one reason I keep a small circle of friends - the people I interact with - here because otherwise it becomes meaningless.<br />
Apart from following each others posts and blogs we message each other, send cards, etc because we care.<br />
Fans are a different thing altogether. They're the ones that like what you do - may even want you to do things for them - nothing more.

i agree with what u say Shadow... and where it comes to facebook... its all very commercial. who knows whom and how many people u know etc... here its a very different place, it feels more like home here :)