Being "mommy"

I think being a mom really is the hardest job out there, but also the most wonderful. I love my kids to death, idk anyone who doesn't love their kids. And when you have to see them hurt or sad, it completely breaks your heart. Whenever my son gets something as small as an ear infection or a cold, it just drives me crazy wishing I could deal with it for him so he wouldn't have to. And when I go to pick him up from daycare and he runs up to me saying "Hi Momma!!!!* with a big hug and kiss, it's like nothing has ever made me happier than the fact that he is always sooo excited to see me. In a way I even love it when he wakes up in the middle of the night because all he wants is snuggling, hugs and kisses. I love the feeling of being able to comfort him no matter what is wrong.
What makes it the hardest job is the fact that they fall down and get hurt, and you are the one crying instead of them. They run off when you drop them off at school/daycare and its harder on you than it is on them. And then you spend the whole day thinking "i love getting a break from the kids, but god do i miss them!" And then there's the times when they are so whiney/cranky it's about to drive you crazy. There are no breaks or end of the shift or anything. It's a full time job. It gets tiring and exhausting, but its worth it!!! One little tiny smile or hug or kiss can just make your entire day and there's nothing better than that!!!
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When they are young they bring so much joy.The hard times are teenage years when you worry did you do enough

i think u r a good mom to ur son.nice story

Thanks for posting. Your son sounds adorable.