Because I Said So!

Why do  I have to listen to u all the time MOM?

(asked my daughter)

Because IM YOUR MOM!

( I answered)

Your my Mom,but, U are not always right you know?

( said my daughter again )

yes,maybe ,but for the meantime,you have to listen and do what I say because I know whats right for you !

But MOM! what you think is right is not right because I dont feel good about it !(said my daughter..again..)

really ? thats too bad..even you dont feel good about it ,you have to do what I say ,because you're still eight years old ,  and you're still under my roof and Im still paying the bills and ...


(I really hate myself for saying this!)
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5 Responses May 13, 2011

;-) lol<br />
I loved reading this. I just got through this last night with my 12 y.o. He is in a phase where he hates his parents and thinks we are partial to our other two children. Fortunately, the other two both think "the other two" get special treatment. I suppose they will recover from their rush of hormones someday and all will be well. One can only hope.

My daughter would put her hand infront of me while am talking and telling her things especially if she commits mistakes "hey mom, allow me to talk first. You are always the one talking!" and she's only six!<br />
<br />
So, I would listen to her until she's finished. Then I would say " Are you done? If you are,we can switch position. You can be my mom if you'd like. You will be the one to cook, to pay bills, to do grocery shopping, to clean house...etc"<br />
<br />
Then she will say " I don't want to be your maid!" Sheesh!

I think the "because I said so" argument is so... I really don't mean to offend but lame. You are human, your child is human, and they deserve an actual reason to do what you want them to, not that you are the parent and say so. I liked the last argument about her age and how she still lives at home. That's enough reason, don't ruin it with "because I said so".

Yes it's a tug of war at times. My mother always used to say as an answer when we kept on at her asking her why, "because why's (ys) not zed (z). I use that on my children now. Lol

Yep. You are the state. :/