Oh So True

I am a single mother of two children under the age of five . My son's father is awesome , he is a very devoted father .  My daughters father on the other hand ... my husband ( as much as i shudder at admitting that ) is  bottomfeeding scum . He hasnt  seen or called about his daughter in seventeen months and counting . Which isnt necessarily a bad thing it just makes it hard because i never get a break ...I get maybe two hours to  myself a night which are devoted to self maintenance ( shower ,  yada yada yada ,) and Bible study and maybe a few minutes on the phone before i have to go to bed to get ^ and do it all over again !!! I dont work because i have mental illness which worsened due to the bottomfeeding scum's mental abuse ,ive been waiting  over two yrs for my ssi to come through ... if it wasnt for my family i would be  most likely be dead right now , they saved me and sometimes i think i forget that ...  but anyways yes its  hard but i love having my children with me no matter how crazy they make me !!! 
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1 Response Mar 19, 2007

Hang in there, girl. I know it's hard. My son's father tries but he is the type to not want to put down roots; to pick up and run when things get hard.