Why, Oh Why, Can't They Just Go To Bed?

I have an alarm set for 7 pm. This lets the kids know they have an hour to get ready & be in bed. And while I know it is natural for them to test their limits, I often find mine stretched beyond imagination. I try my best to stay firm but compassionate. It's just so hard when I know that if they would be still for a few minutes, they would crash.

Tonight was a trying night. I didn't get any sleep last night and it looked like another long one. Andy (8 yrs) decided to roam the house once he thought I nodded off. Had to get out of my nice warm bed and catch him. His excuse? "Mom, I just wanted to cuddle for a few mins." How do you say no to that? Andy climbs in my bed and passes out in 5 mins. Once he is out, I pick him up and carry him to his bed (my husband is a restless sleeper).

I get back in bed, wrestle my pillow away from my hubby, and nestle under the covers. Then Robert (Andy's twin), shows up with his little face in mine.

Robbie: Mom, I can't sleep.
Me: You want to climb in bed with me?
Robbie: No, Dad snores too loud.
Me: (sighing as I leave my warm bed) Do you want me to rock you?
Robbie: Why?
Me: ' Cause it might help.
Robbie: I guess so.

I climb in rocker & Robbie climbs onto my lap with his blankie.

Robbie: It's not going to work.
Me: It might.
Robbie: No, nothing will work.

Less that 2 mins later: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Robbie is like a good feather pillow; he looks all light and fluffy, but he carries like a ton of bricks. It takes more time to get him back in his bed than it did to get him asleep. But that's not the final hurdle. No, I go back to my bedroom, only to find that my hubby has stolen the entire king size bed and all four pillows. Yep, I finally get the midgets to bed, only to lose my own in the process.

I sit here now with bloodshot eyes and an ironic smile. I could be angry, but I know that sacrificing some sleep is well worth the chance to hold my little boy. Robbie is not as affectionate as Andy and shuns all motherly affection, so I've learned to take it where I can get it. Still, would one pillow really be too much to ask for?
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Sounds like you should get your hubby to put them to bed sometimes.

I would, if he wasn't always in bed an hour before them. He does have to wake up at 3 am though, so his early nights are justified.

That's sweet. Enjoy every second. It will end lightening quick. My children are 13 and 16. I miss them standing in my doorway after midnight for reassurance, the bedtime stories that I could recite in my sleep, and little feet kicking me in my side. I love them just as much of course, & have different ways of bonding. At night though, I stick my head in my son's room, and see the glow of his iPad and threaten to take it if he doesn't turn it off. My daughter; chit chatting on the phone with her girlfriend, and I threaten to take it if she doesn't say goodnight. Sometimes, I still go in, and kiss them on the forehead goodnight. Dontcha love being a mom?

I do love motherhood, even the crazy parts.

I know the whole teenage thing too. Well, preteen anyway. My kids are 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, and 8, respectively. And do they ever keep me jumping!

I still have a nighttime routine of tucking them in and kissing their cheeks most nights. I find that I can't sleep if I don't. Besides, they are at their most precious when asleep and you have to take every opportunity to remind yourself how precious once puberty hits.