Well, My daughter and I just got through talking. I feel its important to know our relationship (however new) is, I feel developing nicely. Its our second serious talk in two days. To her credit, she cam and sat at the table and beckoned me (that's a good thing right? she is almost 20).

Now, I HATE tattoos! they revile me, that's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. She loves them :( Since she is practically an adult and is one in the eyes of the law, I cannot in reality stop her. I'm not the type to mince words nor do I even make threats that I am not fully prepared to carry out.

My research (which I am reasonably good at) tells me a few things. One is, tattoo inks are unregulated in the United States. Another is that many inks are made with toxic heavy metals (lead, chromium, mercury, cadmium etc.) and there just isn't any way to know what is being injected into your skin. Companies have NO obligation to tell you what is IN their ink, or even tell you the truth, as I said, its completely unregulated. Some companies say their inks have been tested and found to be safe, but since there is no standard, this too MUST be a lie. So companies lie, in short because they can and there are no repercussions.

I have a thing about lying, the harmless little white lies (how old are you, oh 39, that's nice) because in reality they do not matter. Some time ago (over a year) she promised to me there would never be another tattoo, she would not get one again. I asked her about her new tattoo, and she denied that it was a new tattoo. thought she did say that she had an old one "touched up".

Now, you need to know, I have proof positive, beyond ANY doubt that it IS indeed a NEW tattoo. I will not tell her (or you the reader) HOW I know, or if someone inadvertently "ratted her out".

I do not yell or scream or anything like that. In truth, I was shaking as I spoke! Instead, I told her as I started , that I did not want her running away (she has done that in the past) to someone elses house. And I tried to explain that sometimes we say things in err (I said "FIB" but I think she new I meant lie) because we want to protect someones feelings. I told her the best thing to do if that happens is make it right as soon as you can. She is very into natural eating (a bit over the top for me, but its probably no great harm). I questioned how someone who is only willing to ingest "healthy" food, can somehow be okay with putting an unknown substance (which is likely poison, or cancer causing, or toxic) into their body?

So, in the end, I know she lied. I hope she'll come clean because for the first time in my life, I am scared to death that she is poisoning herself, and I want them GONE. Yes, its expensive, but I would no sooner let her have a cancerous growth just sit there. She did promise me that we could get them removed. I hope that wasn't a lie.

Could I punish her, yup! Will I? no, I've given her an avenue and I hope she takes it. there will be no yelling or screaming, I want so very much to trust EVERYTHING she says or does, but its hard, it makes me cry.

She did tell me that I did a good job of talking to her. She DID understand the singularly most important thing I said. When I asked her what that was, she told me "the most important thing I heard was I love you". and of course she IS right (I never said she was dumb!)
5hadow 5hadow
Jun 11, 2012