If There Were a Manual That Ca...

if there were a manual that came with your children, each manual would be different. my daughter and son are complete opposites and neither are like me when i was a child. i have no idea if what i am doing is the right thing to do. i try so hard not to screw up their lives, but i am just as confused as every other parent out there. everyone tells you to raise them different. don't let them watch tv, let them watch educational tv, blah blah blah. i just want them to grow up healthy, happy and secure. good self esteem, good education, loved and valued to name a few. it doesn't help the world is such a crazy place. i worry so much, i am sure that they are instead gonna grow up paranoid, afraid, dillusional, and sheltered. no one said it would be this hard, but no one said it would be so incredible either. there is nothing as humbling!
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Though not a parent, as a teacher I can empathise to a certain degree... I am so glad the days of seeing every child as the same are disappearing, and teaching "one size fits all" is hopefully fading away.... I teach my undergraduate teachers about the uniqueness of each individual, and how important it is to listen to parents and the child themselves.....

They come into this world with no instruction manual for them! My two are as different as night and day. One was a gifted child, the other had to go to special school to learn to write. I think the most important thing is that they know they are loved, self esteem follows that. One other thing - some parents try to shield their children from the realities of this crappy world - I don't think that is a kindness because after they are grown they go through so many hard knocks learning the real world for what it is.

I COMPLETELY second your statement!! My kids can turn me into a walking mood ring, one that's constantly changing colors, in the first hour I'm home from work with them!!