I Love Being a Parent But It's Hard.

I think before issuing a marriage license every couple should be required to attend parenting classes not the garbage classes they have out there now. Eight to sixteen hours of nonsense. But classes that deal with the problems.

   I had a son who was born screaming, morning day and night. We took him to every hospital and doctor for miles. He was admitted several times for medical observation and treatment. Things were so hectic my wife and I would spell each other to get out of the house and away  from his screaming. Our family and even friends would take over for a one or two hour break. We were becoming catatonic.  Finally we chanced on an old M.D. one from the house call days. He took one look at the boy and said, " He's got colic." We explained he was born screaming, he didn't have a chance to get colic. Doc shook his head and said again, "He's got colic. He got it in the womb that's why nobody's figured it out." That doctor gave me a prescription and within 15 minuted of taking it our son stopped crying.  These are the kinds of things they need to teach prospective parents. It's not the ordinary; where's my socks? Why can't I have chocolate cake in my school lunch? But I want it!! things. But the odd and unique that every child puts a parent through.

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Our first was the same. Crying 2-3 hrs at a time, taking 20min, what we called "power naps". It got easier( not soon enough) and went away. <br />
I couldn't agree with you more, new parents need to learn about the bumps in the road. And less about what<br />
theme the nursey will be.