But Also the Most Rewarding!

Monster Boy is my pride and joy. He is sweet and smart. He can make me the most angry that I've ever been in my whole life... but he also makes me proud, happy, special. *tears* He shows me how brilliant and viberate the world is! He is truly wonderful and I'm overjoyed and THANKFUL to have him in my life! *proud*

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Every moment and age is fun... just keep looking for the positive. <br />
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How you said the sleep deprivation.... I was one of the few moms who honestly couldn't complain about that. I had my sister in law for the first 5 weeks and me and the baby slept for the first 2 weeks about 15 hours every day! I was so rested... and it got better when I learned how to nurse lying down! I would get up just to change his diaper and then put him on and rest. Burp him and turn over to the other side. We were so rested! I'm amazed he isn't the size of Clifford the Big Red Dog! *giggles* <br />
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You'll have fun! *hugs*

As a first time parent I wasn't the least bit prepared for the sheer amount of work involved and for me the fun has just begun. But for all the sleep deprivation, diaper changes, spit ups and so on, it's still a labor of love that is worth every moment. I find that not only am I getting used to it, I'm actually starting to see the good in it. Sleep deprivation sucks but there's peace to be found in a quiet house late at night when everyone has fallen asleep. Diaper changes suck but there is satisfaction to be had when you see how much more comfortable your baby is once it is done. Spit ups suck but at least the baby is full, etc. Let's see if I still feel this way when she hits the terrible two's though (grins).

Jojo I love how you said Almost every moment... because I think the parents who don't admit to that are completely delusional! They are so close that there is no way they can't upset you... just like the other way around! *hugs* Gotta love them!

It is a difficult job. You have children, have hopes and dreams for them and then they grow up and go out on their own. You raise them with the hope that they don't make the same mistakes you did. Children are AWESOME. I enjoy almost every moment with them and my grandchildren!