No doubt, it probably is. Let us consider why:
It requires you to either get pregnant or have to deal with that of a hormonal woman and she may not look as good as she did before and birth is scary.
If you choose to adopt you have to wait a long time, fill out papers, and go through that process.
You can't just decide one day to quit that job for various reasons without consequences of neglect or anything of the like. You can't just give up being a parent.
You are required to have yet another job for income because you have to provide for another human for at least 18 years.
Loss of sleep and free time to look after that kid.
To deal with potential brats. I respect my mother for having to go through all of that...
I didn't even mention if your kid has a disability. It puts more strain on the parents.
There isn't a right way to parent. Finding a balance would be difficult. If you are too strict, you create sneaky and dishonest kids. If you are too laid back, they lack common sense and most likely won't aspire to much because they feel entitled...
It makes it worse if you are still a kid yourself and you haven't got a firm foundation. You could be in this job without signing up for this emotional rollercoaster.
I respect people who take initiative and enjoy parenting. I'm not a parent yet (thank goodness)
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still not the hardest

When you decide to be a parent, the best thing you can do is give them your full attention whenever possible and interact as much as possible. It seems the problem with "some" parents these days is they don't care or don't watch what kids do and therefore they don't know right from wrong and get involved with the wrong people and then it's too late. Bottom line, show love and respect and you'll get it back twice as much or more. It's fun watching them grow and see how they learn over the years.

Thanks for the advice!

it's a lot of work, and a huge commitment in one's life. Props to you for having such a mature perspective on parenting.