I find being a parent gets more difficult as the kids get older.  You have dreams for them guide them in the right direction, surport them, help them and no matter what you gave them or did for them when they were younger and do for them now that they are teens they still are going to do their own thing whether its the right thing or not.  So as I watch my kids loose intreast in school and rather be with friends I watch their dreams fall away.  Or maybe its my dreams for them.  Its a shame when you see your kids not take any interest in school and not really care, Im hoping that one day they will open up their eyes and see how important education is

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3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Thank you both for sharing your stories with me. It helps to know Im not alone.

I hear and feel it from both of you. I love my son, but I hate a lot of the stuff he's been doing lately. I try to be the "mom" and react like a mom, that doesn't work. I try to be like a dad, because theirs isn't realy in their lives, and that doesn't work either, then I try to be a friend, and that deffinately doesn't work. So, where does that leave me? To sit there, to try to stay calm, hold my breath that he will someday be in a better place. It does get harder as they get older, especially if you're the only adult in the home. We just have to hope that some of the good stuff we've taught them will re-emerge someday before it's too late.

Oh how I can relate to this one. My kids are interested in getting their education, but it is so hard to see them make the WRONG choices. As a parent, you want to protect them, and they don't always understand that. Hang in there. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it only gets harder. As my grandma always told me, when they are little they step on your feet, when they are older they step on your heart, and this is SO true.