My Son Nearly Always Gives Me Reasons To Be Proud...

....but in this instance, he made me so proud i could burst with it.

I was talking to the ex husband about my son, because we do that on a regular basis and he told me about the most amazing thing.

He had called his birth-mom and half brothers because he asked to and when he was on the phone with his brother he asked him why he abused him. (quick background- his half brothers both sexually and physically abused him while he lived with his birth mom) and when his birth mom took the phone and started chewing him out telling him. "none of that stuff is real, its just something your dad taught you to say."  he told her to go to H3LL..

then he told her that he was tired of people lying to him, and that he didn't want liars and jerks around him or his family.

I'M SO PROUD.  He's 8 years old and tackling things that, as an adult i am still afraid/ashamed to talk about.  Not only that, but i know i helped make that happen.  When I became his mommy, i taught him about the things that were important, and even though i have a hard time talking about what happened to me, i taught him that it was nothing to be ashamed of, that he isn't the one that did something wrong.  I worked hard on his self esteem and it shows.

maybe, my boy has had a rough childhood, but already he is pushing through it to be a stellar young man.

I think i just might cry.

Shierke Shierke
26-30, F
Feb 26, 2010