I'm Sane In An Insane World...

Join Me!

I'm totally rebellious, emotional, unconditionally affectionate to those I care about, and highly but discerningly, sexual.

I'm CRAZY for Life and living it without moral restrictions except those I place on myself, for the safety of my heart.
TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
9 Responses Jul 11, 2010

i understand what pple do but none of them understand what i go through everyday but i dont y i'm still here today.

I'm with you girl!!!!! (((((((HUGS)))))

daddyd0690, the most important think is to never judge your sanity based on the opinions of those who don't really matter.

P., I'm honoured at Your trust. :) Thank You.

I'm Yours, My new friend. Lead on!

((Hugs))<br />
WiB, great women think alike, you know. :)

I'm with you TRW ... point well made and intention stated clearly ... I like the discerning part too ... I think self-respect is paramount. ((hugs))

I like myself, as well. Thanks. xx

Cool, I like you!