Maggie Is More Then Just A Homeless Woman

Sep 18, 2012 ·
So i was at a pretty crowded taco bell yesterday and while i was standing there waiting for my food a homeless lady walked in,looking embarrassed with her head down,people were whispering and laughing.she ordered a steak soft taco(but didnt have enough) so she changed it to a soft taco.she was so embarrassed she said forget it and fastly walked out.i hesitated for a brief moment,then went after her.i yelled "excuse me miss" she slowed down but didnt turn around so i repeated myself.she slowly looks at me,i said hi i'm corean,she looked stunned that i extended my hand.she shook my hand and replied hi i'm maggie.i asked if i could help her with getting something to eat,she hesistantly said,no thats ok as she started to walk away,about2 seconds later i yell "maggie"she turned around i said,please come have lunch with me,she smiled and came back.i introduced her to the ppl i was with,we ate,we laughed and i drove her to the homeless she left she had tears in her eyes and said she'd never forget me...i pray that god will keep maggie comfortable,warm and always with a full stomach and for those that laughed at her and made her feel tht way..KARMAS A *****!!!!
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Thank you for doing that for that lovely lady.

That's a beautiful story. And you are truly a wonderful young woman! Keep spreading your wealth!

God bless you.

This is beautiful.

It's great when people help other people. Thanks for sharing that experience. Awesome.