Yeah Be Nice/till I Make You Angry

 We can not always please everyone,So it is better to be nice as long as you can, Then just be real, the rest will fall right into place. I am nice as long as I can then I can not swallow any more,and start puking it right back at em,lol You ever heard that saying mean people suck,nice people swallow?lol Love and light always make things right.Mary Children under 18 may want to not read this blog,sorry

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Dear beacon 58 what are you saying here ""The issue here is self knowledge and not while wishing your uniqueness becoming a toxic waste *** hole."" Are you calling me a toxic waste *******,,,I am not and I am very self-aware, which sometimes brings out the ***** in me,,,lol,,,so do you know about Maslows Hieachey of needs,,,so can you expliane why more people are not more self-aware,,,I think that its because the more you know the more one is responable for,,,Mary

True.. people wear social masks because they want to be liked, not respected. The problem is most of us are like that because we fear fear and fear some more. We fear losing our jobs, not getting the promotion, being at odds with our spouse.. etc.. <br />
<br />
The issue here is self knowledge and not while wishing your uniqueness becoming a toxic waste *** hole.

You ever heard the old saying "You'll attract more bears with honey than with vinegar"? Well, I have reached a point in my life that I got tired of hating because it only brought negativity to me. If someone says something hateful to me, I just respond by thanking me for sharing their opinion with me and tell them that I can see why they might think that way. Do you have any idea how many people that has stopped cold in their tracks? I just walk away and after continuing to be nice to their negative comments for a while, they give up and either be nice to me or leave me alone, whichever I care not! LOL

People hurt us and kick us when we're down. I believe that the real test of true Agape love comes when somebone has hurt us, are we atill able to love them--regardless, Afterall, it's easy for us to love those who love us back. But can we love the person who just kicked us.

you are so nice to me thanks its always nice to get people laugh it is good medicine for the soul.

Your story made me laugh out loud! :P<br />
Wish I could add you twice!

thanks for that ,that made me feel better,yesterday really sucked, Ihope today is better.

If I have made you feel down I am truely sorry for that,I will try to be more postive,mary

wow great comment,but the longer I am here the more I get sick,can't take much more hate,now I am frecking out because,I can not remmber how I got here,and I think someone from my class is spying on me,oh of couse its just my schizo,acting up right?

I tend to handle such situations differently, I try my best to take it and love in return.<br />
when it's too much I just take my distance so it doesn't influence my well being.<br />
And I keep loving them anyway coz I learned to measure myself by the number of people I love not those who love me.<br />
<br />
try that it always works for me :D

Thank you so much for your comment, I do not want to waste my time on haters. loving you sister,Mary

Agree with you. In the end, being true to yourself is best, and being nice means you can sleep at night without it eating on you. If others don't want to deal that way, personally, I avoid them. Life's just too good to waste on haters.