Because Nice Matters

I believe in Thank You cards.  Whenever someone does something nice for me, I send them a card.  It is an easy thing for me to do, and yet it makes their day.  I know it because they tell me so.   I sent a card to my mechanic one day when he squeezed me in and didn't charge me a fortune.  Next time I came in he had the card taped up over his desk.  He said no one had ever sent him one before. 

I also try to smile at people behind counters.  I have been there before and know how hard a job it is.  It is amazing the responses I get to a simple smile.  It's like I am the first pleasant face they've seen all day.  We have got to be nicer to each other!  It really does matter!

I spent a horrible day travelling a few years ago - there were storms all over the country and everything was delayed.  And all anyone wanted to do is yell at the poor airline employees, like there was something they could do about the weather!  I went up to the counter and smiled at the clerk and told her to breathe!  That everything was going to be okay!  She came to me 4 times in the next hour just to get another smile!  She didn't want me to go when the plane finally came!  I know I made a difference in her life that day.  And isn't that what life is all about?   Making a difference?! 

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Im with you 100% on this as it costs nothing to be nice and it can have amazing results.

Yay, a woman after my own heart. <br />
It is so true. I pray for people and they appreciate it. It is so worth the little extra effort to bless someone.<br />
<br />

Beautiful story...<br />
keep the kindness going! :-)