Weirdness Is Fun !!

- awkward moment -

Okay so I got my sister and my brothers and all of their friends here in the house with me :)
- lost of kids -

And so my dad just brought us candy , ice cream , and so many other stuff and he also brought balloons :D
So I ran to the balloons and I was like - :D yay balloons :D they're the best :D -
As I turned around all the kids were all steering at me ;_;

.. None of them even moved !!!
And so I was like - ?? for you guys ?? - !!!

uhh who am I kidding !!! I was happier then them all !!!

They were all looking at me in a weird way ;_;
And my sister was like - what a weirdo - ...

Okay ... I'm a weirdo ... I'm childish ... Whatever !!!!
I love fun ..
I think being weird is fun :D
Just because I'm 18 doesn't mean I have to act like a 50 year old -_____- "
We just need to live happy and have fun in our lives ... Someday it might just be too late ...
So love .. laugh .. smile and just be yourself .. Don't wait ...

Everything has an end .. Look at the days that've past ...
Make good and happy memories .. Cuz these memories is what's gonna last ...
From these days that we'll tomorrow call all a" past "....

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2013

hahahaha it's "for you guys" xD Your story made Me remember 1 of My awkward moments. I was passing a french verbal exam at college. My teacher likes to talk a LOT, to tell stories about how he was in Paris. So, while I was answering he starting telling Me something in french.. (I don't know french very well, so I could understand only some ramdom words =P) about how his girl-students went to Kiev(Ukraine) and how good they are and how smart and bla.. bla.. bla =))
And at 1 point I intrerupted him and asked: "What are we talking about, now?" xD Awkwarddd!! hahaha
Then he shut up and I continued My answer =P =))

Hahahahaha that was funny !!!!

I'm glad u liked it =)

LOL. I'm childish tooooo! I just can't hold back. The weirdest things excite me haha. That's just who I am.

Haha LOL !!! Cool :)

Heehee! I LOVE balooonsssss!!! :D

:D hehe !!! I know they're " DA BEST " !!!

Except for CAKE! Now read meh story! :P