My Daughter

i have never been overweight myself. but my oldest daughter has always been a big girl. i have seen the looks n heard the cruel comments made from ignorant people. i dont look at my daughter n see her weight. i see her. my beautiful wonderful, strong-willed child. she has endured alot in her 22 yrs, she has accepted herself, and the size that she is. what is it anyones elses business what her weight is, why do people have to make comments n stare? r that that insecure n unhappy w/ themselves? i believe they must be. my daughter is perfect in my eyse no matter her size.

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Good on your daughter and good on you! Don't let other people get you down. They're just showing their own insecurities making themselves feel better by trying to poke fun at others. So long as you don't let that happen they're not winning. xx

Very well expressed!