Loving My Body....

I'm a 5'11 size 16 girl and i must say it has taken sometime but i LOVE my body.  I have proportional breast and butt, my stomach is not that big at all, and i look really cute in clothes.  it has taken some time to see this. My both best friends are skinny.  one wants to be a model (go figure) the other is always getting hit on by guys. I always felt like the fat third wheel. it took some years n self confidence building on the inside, but i am confident in my body. I still haven't had a bf yet, but i am certain that once I start taking some chances it will happen.   i hope girls my age, I'm 20, will start to love their body also.  The funny story is my other friend, the none model, wants to get bigger.  she believes she's too skinny n she's a size 8!!! So, my last words to everyone be happy with ur body its yours and the minute u love it some else will also!!!

deepinthoughtalways deepinthoughtalways
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

This old man thinks you have a nice figure, but more importantly you have the right attitude.