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Birthday Night Out With My Wife

It is my 48th Birthday and Saturday. The day and night are mine to do whatever I want, and my wife serving me anything I choose. The day starts off with coffee in bed, to clear the fog in my head from the drinks the night before. I then put together a small list of things that we needed for the day and night, and sent my wife out to get them. I took a quick shower while she was out and did a few things. I was thinking about what to do that night. I wanted it to be something out of the ordinary and naughty. I thought about it and came up with a plan for the night. She arrived home and cooked a huge fantastic breakfast, just as I asked. It was after noon time so we hung out and had a couple drinks. Being a beautiful day we changed into our bathing suits and went outside to get some sun. I wanted to get ready and leave at a specific time so after a couple hours I told the wife she needed to get ready and that we have to leave at 5pm. “What are we doing?” she asked. I told her we were going out to dinner and to “dress in something sexy” that’s all she needed to know. She had on a hot red bra, and red crotchless underwear, under a black skirt and tight low-cut pink top, with high heel knee-high black boots (She looked hot as heel). We arrived at the restaurant and instantly people were eyeing her up and down, men and women. I told her that she looked stunning and that everyone was checking her out. She told me she felt very sexy. Dinner was fantastic! Our waitress and everything was perfect! I did not drink because I was driving, and she had a couple with dinner. She was feeling good as the drinks set in and was relaxed. We left the restaurant and started down the road. A few miles down I pull into the parking lot of an adult XXX store. I told her there are some things I wanted to look at (It was more to keep her in a sexual environment) and took my time, hoping she would start looking around herself. I told her I wanted to get her a waterproof suction base rabbit for some shower fun. We took our time and went through the whole store. They didn’t have what I wanted but, she was getting turned on looking at all the stuff. She looked at some restraints and said “that kind of looks hot”. I came up behind her, rubbing my **** (I was going commando) against her *** pulling her close by the waist and whispered in her ear, “I already have that stuff at home”. She just grinned. After about 45 minutes we left, and started back down the road. We were both horny and I was reaching over feeling her **** as we drove. “Where to now?” she asked as she noticed I was leaving our usual party area. “We are going to go have a few drinks at a ***** club” I said. She was instantly nervous, but at the time curious.
(Before I go on let me explain that I never go out to ***** clubs really at all. In the past 13 years I have been to one with a friend that was visiting 10 years ago, and have never been to one with a girl. My wife has also never been in a female strippers club and only a male one 15years ago. This was an uncomfortable but, very exciting idea for us.) Now back to the story!
We pulled into the parking lot and it was early so there were only a few cars there which is what I wanted. I planned on getting a nice spot sitting in a dark corner where we can have a few drinks, watch, and flirt with each other a little bit. We walk in and it’s “Couples night” so we get in free. The place was very nice inside and comfortable. The hostess and wife instantly start talking and we find perfect seats. Drinks get ordered and the music is my wife’s favorite, old school hip hop, so she is bopping to the beat. They were in a shift change so it took a few minutes for the dances to start. It was early and only about 30 people were in there. We are sitting a few rows back from center stage. The first dancer comes out, a short brown haired white girl, and starts working the stage. They keep a thong on and have pasties over their nipples (this I knew) which the wife liked better than full nude. She is shaking her *** and body all over the place and my wife says “she has a great ***”, which I agreed. “You need to give her a couple bucks” she says. I grab a couple dollars and walk up to the stage. The dancer spots me from the other side and skillfully moves over towards me. She gets on her hands and knees and crawls over to me, giving me a close view of her body, puts her *** in the air and starts humping like the Energizer Bunny. I slip the cash into her thong and tell her “my wife loves your butt”. She thanks me with a hug and smiles a “thank you” to my wife. I get back my seat and my wife says, “That was awesome baby”. I then knew that this was going to be a fun night. The hostess made sure we had everything we wanted at all times and she and my wife talked on and off all night. The dancer came out, a very tall, very hot, black woman (Jewel) with super long legs and incredible ***. She starts doing her thing and I must say, “I have never seen an *** move like this one”. “She needs a few bucks” says my wife. I take a couple and head up. She comes over, stands with her legs spread and her *** towards me (Looking up) and starts shaking her *** perfectly to the beat as she slowly lowers her body into a squat and never missed a beat with her ***. I rolled up a dollar and slipped it into the crack of her *** and told her “Your *** and body is amazing”. She gives me the complimentary hug and thanks and moves on. My wife was just smiling watching me. A few minutes later my wife goes to the bathroom. Within seconds Jewel is by my side flirting setting me up for her lap dance offer. Then my wife returns and her and Jewel start talking. Jewel finally makes her offer for the lap dance even for both of us. I wasn’t going to go for it but, figured I would say nothing and let my wife answer. “Um, I don’t mind my man having fun but, this is as far as it goes physically and if anyone is going to give him a lap dance it’s me but, thank you anyways” my wife said. Jewel had no problem with that and ended up having a drink with us and chatting for a bit, which was great having one on each side of me leaning over to talk to each other, I had a nice view. Jewel eventually moves on and we start watching the next dancer (Destiny). She has a very pretty face, sexy smile, and is about five feet tall with a great all natural body. She starts climbing poles and spinning all over the stage. I walk up and go to slip some bills in her thong. She brings her body down so her pelvis is just below my chin, reaches down and pulls the front thong out, giving me the view of her perfect shaved *****. I slid in a couple bucks and went back to my seat. By this time the drinks have sunk in and my wife was ready to take off her clothes and start dancing on a pole. We were having a blast playing around in our seats, feeling each other up and chatting with the dancers. Then Jewel gets up dancing and humping her way around the stage floor. I was about ready to get going and figured I would just give Jewel a couple more bucks and head out. My wife right then says, “I’m going to go give her a few bucks” so, I just sat back down without an argument. She goes up and Jewel starts shaking her *** in my wife’s face, she (Jewel) takes the thong string from the crack of her *** and my wife slides a bill in and still has a couple in hand. Jewel turns around and gets on her knees in front of my wife, puts her arms around her neck, and pulls her face into her **** and starts rubbing them back and forth her face. This was something I was really hoping would happen so, it was awesome to see her (wife) standing there with a smile, voluntarily letting this black beauty rub her **** on her face. It was a dream come true for me! I had been drinking water most of the time and since I was driving (wife doesn’t drive stick) I was ready to go home a do some Tequila shots, and have some hot sex. She had been doing shots and water the whole time and was quite buzzed. We said our goodbyes to the girls and left. We get to the car and I open her door. I turned to her and there she was in her bra, no shirt, giggling. I just gave her an “ohh yeah” look and smile, and got in the car. As soon as we were on the road she was unzipping my fly, and sucking my ****. She sucked and stroked me all the way home (15min), and I had to stop her a couple times to keep from *******. We finally get back home do a couple shots and talked about how much fun it was at the club. I go into the bedroom and take out a hot slutty outfit for her to put on, and some hot thigh high boots. She puts the clothes on and I tell her to dance for me. I took out some of the extra cash from the club and started putting it in her top and bottom. At this time I notice she is getting very drunk so, I started pulling her down on the bed. I lay her down and shove my hard **** in her mouth. She gives great head and I can feel her tongue all over my **** as I’m ******* her mouth. I then move down and suck her long hard nipples for a minute, and continue down across her sexy bellybutton, and finally to her hot wet *****. I tease her **** for a while and then grab our bag of toys. I have her pull her knees into her chest and fully expose her ***** and ***. I attach a vibrating **** suction toy to her ***** and it sucks her **** out nicely as I turn on the bullet. As she is getting into that I apply some lube to my finger and slowly slid it in her *** just teasing and probing at first. FYI…(She doesn’t really get into anal, but loves it if I rim her. She never takes the time to do it right and loosen and lube properly. She just wants to shove it in and then wonders why it’s so painful so, to get her started, I got some butt plugs with a small one that’s about as wide as a thumb at the thickest part.) I keep lubing and sliding my finger further into her ***. She is playing with her **** toy as I get the small plug and lube it up. I slowly start sliding it in and she starts pushing on it a little. I slide it out a little, added a few drops of lube and slid it all the way in to the base. Being a small one there was not much to hold it in her tight *** so, I put her hand on it and told her to hold it there and keep it from falling out. I took the suction toy off her **** (which was big and swollen) and plunged my hard **** into her hot *****. I **** her hard at fist and then slowed down a little. I reached under her *** to make sure she kept the plug in, and she did, as I asked. She was really very drunk at this point so I didn’t waste too much time in case she started getting the spins and sick. I reached under, grabbed the plug and slowly started ******* her *** with it. At the same time I started ******* her deep, hard and fast until could feel my balls about to explode. I quickly stopped and two big shots of *** blasted out but, I stopped the rest of the ******. I started ******* her super fast and hard while still ******* her *** with the plug. About five minutes later I exploded deep into her ***** for what seemed like minutes. It was a perfect long ****** to a perfect fun night. Now, I just have to work on replacing that plug with a bigger one and eventually my ****! As for my wife she passed out as soon as I was done, and was up two hours later bowing at the porcelain throne for the rest of the night and morning. She forgot everything from the time we got home so, I asked her how her *** felt, she said “ok why?” I told her everything we did and she just laughed and apologized for being out of it. That’s the end of that little adventure but, it seems to have opened up some new adventures for the future.
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What a very happy birthday story.!!! Hot!!! Love going to the ***** joint with my Guy!!!!

Your birthday sex story makes me insanely jealous. Er....I mean....I am very happy for you and your wife. I hope you get to give her more anal joy soon and that next birthday is even hotter. You lucky bastard. :-D

Hot story ~! Good way to get ur hot wife into anal sex! s l o w l y ! keep up the good work and let me know when she finally takes ur **** all the way up her hot tight *** hole! growl !