Not Enough "out" There

I am a bisexual woman and I LOVE bi men.  I know lots of men like the idea of two women having sex (and I am a big fan too), but I am SO turned on by guys having sex with each other. 

I feel a lot like many guys do about bi chicks:  I am very excited by the idea that I could have sex with you, and maybe, just maybe, I could get to watch you have sex with another hot person (the dream being joining in, of course). 

When guys I'm with who know I'm bi ask me if they can "watch", I totally get it.  I feel the same way.  I want to see a hot guy gobble his **** too.  I worship the ones who want to let me.

Mareola Mareola
26-30, F
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I'd love to have sex with a man while a woman watches. A fantasy of mine has been to have a a small group of women over, and they would stay dressed, while myself and another man would ***** and have sex on a well lit bed while they watched int the shadows. They'd be allowed to video tape or take photos as well as cheer us on and make requests.

My wife and I are bi also. <br />
Darn... I just looked , were were you when I was stationed in Texas.

i would love to find that women enjoing it both ways and letting the husbund or friend enjoing it also both ways.. living the man and the feminin side

There are more of us out there than you would think but just so many are afraid to admit it. I am bi and my lady is bi. Nothing would turn me on more than to make it with a guy while my lady and another lady watched then joined in. I long to suck a nice male member while two horny women encourage us.

would happily join in as long as I can wear female underwear you may chose if you wish

i feel exactly the same way Mareola! im a bi girl and there isnt much hotter to me than watching two guys go at it! lolgood to know im not alone

You can watch me with another bi guy anytime you want.<br />
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<br />
-Steve in San Antonio

i feel the same way i luv watching guys **** eachother and turns me on so much

You could watch me any time!

Nothing hotter than a woman watching me gobble and swallow :-) Wish I was closer would love to let you watch.