My Lovely Salem

Salem taught me to love black cats. Before him, I generally had red and white cats, in fact, Salem's older adopted brother is a ginger cat. Salem is an uncommonly chatty fellow, he will follow me about the house early in the mornings yacking away. His voice inflections are filled with animation and the vocalizations that he makes are queerly human sounding. One day, I will make a video of one of our coffee chats and post it here on EP. Please consider adopting a black cat or kitten from your local shelter, generally black cats and dogs are harder to place in forever homes. Black cats (and dogs) are NOT bad luck, they are beautiful, loving, and charming pets. To see his pictures, or read brief stories that feature Salem, click onto my EP photos.
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My buddy was named Pitch, not a white hair on him. He slept against my feet and from there one night he took his way to eternity

We had a black kitty named Emily for ten or twelve years. She was sooo sweet and loving. She'd sleep on our pillows at night with us. She used to lick the fringes of a throw pillow on the couch. Washing her imaginary kittens?? Wonderful kitty.

I love cats of all colours.
I met this black cat last year:

Black cats are unlucky? It must be a USA thing. Here, in the UK, they are generally regarded as exactly the opposite.

I have had three black cats in the last 13 years. They all had different personalities and I enjoyed them all. The first two were strays (Junior & Baby). The current one (Whitey) we rescued from a vet who was about to put her down because no one wanted her.

I am so glad that you rescued Whitey, send her my love! :) xx

Our Salem cat was black too, but she was a lady cat. Prim proper classy little lady and black as jet....and oh so loving. The black cat I had as a child was a boy named Sabbath....he was a sweety....Blessings.

Oh what a lovely lovely lovely name! (Sabbath) Bright Blessings to you!