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I honestly think blade cn help you in any situation. He was there fr me when my mate left me, he was there fr me when my ex mates bro died, and very recently he was there fr me when a cat Iv had all my life had to be put down. He's never given up on me and always encourages me to look at the bright side of things. When ever I talk to him he always makes me laugh and helps me feel better. I always want to have him by my side and if its up to me I'm never going to let him go. He's been the shoulder that I cry on when I'm upset, and I hope he always will be. I love you blade, and I always will
Lilwolf12 Lilwolf12
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

awww :) i'll always be here.

:). I like the new pic