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I Believe.........

First Blessing:: Shane leaving us. Momma & I are doing a lot better now, even if the money is a bit tighter. I'm learning to love myself, not putting myself down because I couldn't make our relationship work better. I'm no longer blaming myself for his shortcomings. It is the best thing that's happened to momma & I in a while. I never would have seen this as a blessing 5 months ago.....

Second Blessing:: EP. If I hadn't been looking for a blogging site. If I hadn't followed my instincts & clicked on the link.... I would never have met all the wonderful people I have. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without EP & my family here. Thank you all....

Third Blessing:: My life post relationship.... I am me, myself, & I now. It feels wonderful to look in the mirror & smile at the pretty brown eyes staring back at me. Smile & mean it. It's beautiful to love someone that deserves it so much. I have a long way yet to go but knowing how far I've come so far, I know I'll make it...........No matter what life continues to throw at me... I will succeed. I will have love.............ALWAYS!

  WynHaven xxxooo

deleted deleted 26-30 Apr 6, 2009

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