Bleach... Ugh!

I think it's redundant. I am so tired of these bleached-haired girls hogging all the attention, thinking they're prettier than everyone else (at least all the ones I've met)... Brunettes and red-heads can be cute too, society. Real blonde isn't so bad, but I'm just tired of these women dying their hair blonde and thinking it gives them carte-blanche to act like the annoying high-maintenence chicks reality TV and Hollywood push to us so hard. I mean, really, you think you have a legit reason to be unpleasant and materialistic just because of your HAIR COLOR???
I have wandered off subject, forgive me. My problem with blonde hair in general is that most of it I have seen is fake--I don't think I have ever seen bleached hair that didn't look and/or feel like dead grass. And some of the "naturals" also act like they're prettier/better. Not all... And now might be a good time to admit that I am naturally a dark blonde... But I dye it black, since it looks better against my skin tone. I also let a beauty school grad friend bleach it when I was younger. She did a good job, but I looked AWFUL with my hair that light, and immediately dyed it dark brown when I got home. It still felt like wood shavings, though.
I also want to add, I don't hate blondes. It's just that most of the ones I know act in such a way that makes them unattractive in every way, including physically. Maybe I should have done this in "I dislike egotistical people"? Sorry, had to let that out... Hopefully I didn't **** someone off.
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@Palestranger: I agree with you, it is a matter of personal taste.... I prefer brunettes as well, though on a rare occasion a blonde will catch my eye.

@LadyNikolena: Props! Thank you for being real and honest. Personally, mine is not such a pretty color (a FORMER hair dresser of mine said it was "the color of rancid peanut butter"), and I am Latina, so I dye my hair black to compliment my skin and eye tones. However, I am glad someone can see her blonde hair as pretty without behaving like a total bimbo. Again, thanks. You are refreshing.