Id Say!

Is it correct to join a group about yourself? Probably not! Lol! But i very much adore and appreciate all the genuine friends i have here!! Thanks for putting up with me! Cheers BV XXX

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By looking at your pic I would say you are sexy and pretty.

I would be honored if you would please add me.

A persons view of nudity is very subjective. Like ND, I think your photos are very artistic and tasteful, but, especially in the US, there are still some very...puritanical...folks who find any nudity ob<x>jectionable. It's dumb, and I think does more harm than good, but that's the way it is. And ND isn't the only one that finds them pleasurable BV, I can assure you! ;)

Thankyou Nudy i will continue to post them for at least your viewing pleasure! I was shocked they had been reffered to has "Explicit" not quite the words i would have used, but then again nudy we are very comfortable in our skin has to speak hahah x

Well maverick they are for my friends on here to enjoy, thats why i keep them private and not public. And explicit? I class this has open legged ****, i would not class any of my pics has this. If people do not like them they have the choice not to look or to un friend me simple. This is exactly the reason i hardly add anyone anymore, baecause the majority of people in my circle i trust, and the ones that have known me for years know i am simply more then a plaything with pretty pics. Cant believe you said they were explicit maverick, i work has a model doing varied shoots sfrom fashion, glamour, artistic nude and do not see anything explicit about seeing a womans nipple! I would never post anything where you could see my er lady bits on here nor any other pubnlic forum, but since you deem some of my pics explicit, maybe others do also? Would be interesting to know if anyone else finds them pornographic? I guess because they are already in the public eye via my modelling websites i dont see it any different putting them for private viewing of friends on here, sorry if they offended you.

ROFL Nudy! If anyone can ever make me smile its you hun x And thanks scotty, the feelings mutual sexy x

Oooh im blushing now Breezysunshine please dont!!! Nah go on i love it heheheh x

Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy!!!!!!!!! *kisses*

Aww Cheers mi dears!! Heres to more random offerings from the vixen lol x

Lol She"s ok a bit loopy though lol...

Thats nice of you to say wannashareit thankyou for your kind words. Its lovely for people to say nice things about you of course it is, and its also nice to make people smile or laugh x

I totally agree. You deserve all the attention you get.<br />
I also think that nudydude is a real smart guy. lol<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

Hello beautiful Blond Lady,<br />
It is a bit silent on this topic on the moment so I thought to give it a new last date. ;)<br />
Indeed you're beautiful, very much so. The thing is, you are, you know, do not take yourself to seriously. Now, that's what make you who you are as far as I can tell from here. <br />
Would you like adding a friend, having many different interests, still exploring, being rather new to this site; it would be much appreciated. <br />
I am, I think, one of the very few Dutch over here, absorbing a lot of US-English, it's very refreshing to read the English-English again. With which a do not want to state anything degrading about what particular English style whatsoever. <br />
And by the way; you are very sexy too ;) .<br />
Thank you. xWanna

I suppose two4one, but its not in a conceited way trust me! I certainly dont take myself too seriously!

Of coarse it's okay!! Its a good thing to think you look good!!

Aww thankyou pamperurft!! I am honoured to be sexy in your eyes x

Heheheh! Thanks guys! They are part of my new summer undies collection, and believe me i have quite a collection xx

By all means, join a group about yourself, especially when the group is correct: Vixen is sexy!

Thanks Kry, ditto...and those recent pics, youve really set the standard high! Good on you man!! Heres to plenty more shots of you im sure its all sexy!...and those shoulders Mmmm

Then im glad you are a member Militarybrat! Hey Jim dont be jealous there is plenty enough of me to go round lol!

Oh no your not!!

Hey this looks like a group i would have started...ha, ha! I'm your biggest fan! :o)

Lol txwoman! Thankyou gorgeous whos told you about those?

Thankyou for the complement mistressfoxy...but we all can see how lush your figure is! And thanks to Mr F and Mr C we can both boost good figures eh? Lol

You have a perfect figure much better than mine lol xx

Oh its obscenely vain...but im anything but conceited so its ok lol.

LOL I suppose it's a bit vain - but you have a lot to be vain about!

Well you always brighten my day Scotty! And yes Pix you are right, that way i can revel in all the flattery and make myself feel better LOL.

Oh, you have to join because that way you can see when someone adds a story. Plus, there is nothing wrong with admitting you're sexy....because you are!! :-) *wink*

Don't be bashful. Smile. We luv ya!!!!!!

Then thankyou justforlaffs you have made my day x

Oh my!!!Its tooooo much!! Aww its very wrong...but very nice to hear all the same lol! Thankyou x

The truth is ... you ARE!!!! All of this and more.<br />
<br />
One very special SUPER LADY!!!!!!

Well when you say it like that BM!!! x

BV, <br />
<br />
It is about time you knew the truth...... <br />
<br />
Not only are you a lovely person with a great personality and a wit which beats all, <br />
<br />
you are also a hottie.