Not only do I think she is sexy, but she has class and is not like many that post only "naughty" stories, she is also a wife and mother and seems to be very good at all three. Congratulations on having a group about you.

ihavapa ihavapa
51-55, M
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Vixen I'll send you my addy so you'll know where to send your clone , I'll be looking forward to having my very own Blonde Vixen. Now I bet everyone is jealous.

I agree Ihavapa, she is sexy and a great all round person:) xx

Im currently in the latter stage of cloning myself, i will send you a copy lol! Thanks hun x

I am sure if I saw you on the street I would damn near break my neck trying to get a second and third look, but much of that is because of how you are, your inner self, you are a very special woman, wish there were more like you.

Well thankyou sweetie! Thats so nice to hear! Its also extra nice to be recognised and appreciated for more then the obvious x