I Am A Mixture Of Sorts.....

From an early age I knew I was different but didn't know why. I was also acute to the paranormal and was also able to see spirits, ghosts and other things. I found out near my adult hood (age 18) right before I had my daughter that I am a natural born witch, all of the men and women on my grandfather's side are but I am the first to practice and use my gifts. Not much later after that I discovered what else I have running through my blood. It is too insane and I dought anyone would believe me but I am at constant battle with myself which is why I have begun to seek a dominant male to help but my lets say "females" in order. I can not I have tried in multiple different ways and failed misereably not to mention there are things about D/s that interest me greatly in many ways. I as I love to now say am "50 shades of ****** up" but I think with the right mate I would be alot better off. I am not persay confused about me but various parts of me. I need help and for the first time EVER in my life I am asking for it. I think blood is intoxicating, sexy, and is a vital part of life the problem is I loose more than I can replace.
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I'm having trouble figuring out what you mean by you doubt anyone would believe you? Believe you on what? And why do you believe you need a dominate male? Also, don't you worry, everyone's a little f-ed up in their own way (including me) lol.

There's really nothing wrong with liking blood, but you do have to be careful who you speak of such things to. My mate knows about my liking a little blood in play but he personally won't do it, he also is lovely enough to not give me crap about it. Also we are the types to try to use everything when it comes to cooking which includes organ meats and blood - which believe me is hilarious to ask butchers for in the store. People who know me just understand I'm strange and they deal with it, I've always been rather 'differen't :}-

Truth be told I have some difficulty absorbing what I am. The not believing well an insecurity I shall say, and indeed aren't we all. I think your mate is wonderful t you than and yes their faces are quite comical esspecially being from a podunk *** town in Nebraska. And thanks you have given me some confidence in this matter :)_