Love My Girl

Bluebie is more than my friend on Ep, she is my bestest girlfriend in real life too. She is awesome and although she is wilder than me we have a great time. I know that some day she is going to sit next to me in some jail while we wait for our boyfriends' to come bail us out lol. I just pray it isn' in Savannah lol.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

LOL Groovy! Peaches worth doing time for... too funny. I'll come bail you out Hon ;)<br />
<br />
Oh yes, and you are so NOT wild everywhere else FG? Hahaha

She's a great friend to have FG! She's wilder than me too.....ha ha. Only, I'm afraid of going to jail for stealing peaches off the peach trees. Then again,...that would be worth doing time.

:) if I am going to get in trouble it will be in Georgia. For some reason I get buck wild in Georgia lol.

Wilder than you? Not even close! lol<br />
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I'm sure we won't be locked up in Savannah! Just don't throw up on a cop, and we should be fine. Oh! And don't steal a cop's horse either. And keep your clothes on!<br />
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Damn. I'll bring my lawyer's number with us, just in case. ;)