I'm 56 years old and single. I met a friend from high school 52 years old and we immediately had such a connection it was weird. She is 5'2" and a full rounder 38 DD. She breastfeed 5 kids. She was a dancer so she still has a nice body and works out regularly. We had sex over 4 days and then she told me she loved it when I sucked on her boobs. I told her I loved it too and would suck on them anytime she wanted. She got up climbed in my lap and unbuttoned her shirt. She asked me to bring milk in on her as she wants to breastfeed me. I love it. It took 8 days to bring in her milk. I had clear fluid at 3 days. She is now a 38 EE since she filled with milk. Every I suckle her for about 20 minutes each nipple. She loves to look at me and then closes her eyes and holds my head to her breast. I suck everynight as we go to bed around 10 she always moans gets wet as I can smell her juices and drifts off to sleep. About 2 am she gets up everynight so I suckle her when she gets back in bed. I try for 20 minutes each nipple but sometimes I fall back to sleep. Within minutes of getting back in bed she is wet again and asleep. I set the alarm so I have an extra hour in the morning and wake her up suckling her. We always have a quickie too as she gets so horny as I do from the suckling. She told me that she ******* everytime I suckle her. When I get home I start dinner because I'm home before her by a couple of hours. When she gets home around 6 she comes in strips her clothes off as she walks thru the door pushes me down on the couch and straddles me. She says this is the highlight of her day that she can't wait for. She puts me inside her and rocks slowly while I suckle. She will have several ******* during our 40 minute suckling. She is happy but exhausted and afterward we have dinner and relax counting the minutes till bedtime. Life is awesome for both of us! We love each other deeply. Sometimes we'll be somewhere and she'll say I want you to suckle me now! We then begin seraching for a place. If it's in the car I just pull over on the side of the highway . More than once a law enforcement officer has stopped to see if we had engine trouble. He just walks away smiling when he sees us. Life is grand! Thank God for my Sweetpea!
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Lucky, lucky both of you. I think I'm jealous.