Totally Agree But....

Totally agree but what do women think about men with breasts? I am 26 and have no desire to be female or any form of that matter, yet I am deciding to grow breasts using soap and cream as well as a mix of herbs daily to help with. My question is while my gf has no clue to why my flat muscled chest is becoming soft and round, i blame it on hormone imbalance, she has no problem thus far, and I see that online a lot of women are not opposed to it naturally, that long as their man is still their man and not trying to transition they seem to find it ok, and fun still.
Question is how many women on here actually would not mind their man having breasts to play with in bed as well as their own. Right now im a small 34a and would like to be a c cup, i am very well in shape so they already stand out to me at least. I am not trolling or any sort of that just curious how many women would like men with breasts or be completely opposed to a man with breasts. I know women see some things such as that as taking away from their femininity and role of a woman, but just looking for opinions.
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I personally find it repulsive. Flat and chiseled for me. Otherwise, I'm not interested.

Each to his or her own. It is a good thing that there is variety in people.

How well said. I can only hope that society will except the males want and wishs just like the females do now.

Those aren't choices. You want breasts. You chose to enhance them. That's your choice. I wouldn't be interested by such choices. Feminine qualities are a societal construct, nothing more. You're just doing something out of the ordinary, strange. I disagree that most would want breasts. That's like saying most would want vaginas so they could play with gbelle: What's your point? He asked what our thoughts were and I told him. I care not if you or he agrees. I am just answering his question. There might be a few women interested in such a fetish, but I am quite sure that most (straight) women would not be.

For your information, there are many more then you think. When I first got up enough nerve to talk to my wife about me growing them, she was so excited by the though that she did all she could to help me grow them. She has 4 other girl friends, out of 6 in her card club, that she has told them about me, and they are all very envious and want there husbands to grow them also. Now I wear a 38B bra and fill it fully. We both have never been more happy. Now when we have sex, we make sure that we get in some 69 where we both can suck on each others boobs.