A Book Is Just A Book?

A book is just a book, or is it?  I enjoy reading and I think I always have. Some of my earliest memories of childhood revolved around my grandmother reading her books to me. Many times she was merely reading from written recipes on cards but it was still reading and that was where I realized the written word was so important.  Later on I would find my own love for the beauty of reading. I lost myself in books, and when I got out it made me open my eyes to the world around me. It really was amazing what books caused me to feel and to take in at a young age.  I was so amazed after I read 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I got lost in it and I sat on the carpet in the library literally all day long. I finished the book to find that the librarian and my babysitter were waiting for me to be able to lock up and go home for the day. That was my first introduction to the beauty of words, how they capture the author’s feelings - and draw you into those emotions with them. I love life but nothing compares to me when I can either read or write. Those are my passions and some of my favorite things in life. So I ask you again is it just a book, or is it something much more?
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Thanks everyone.

Reading is and always has been very important to me. I find it relaxing and often a way to escape the every day drama that we have to cope with. I truly believe reading can also help skills in grammar and also vocabulary, I can take just about any word, and as long as it's in a sentence, I can grasp what it means, or at least have a general idea.There is so much illiteracy in the world, and even here in the US. I know kids that went to school and can maybe read on a second grade level if they are lucky. I really don't see where Bush's plan "No child Left Behind" is working out all that great personally. It's a fact that some teachers just don't care, and the parents care even less, how sad that is. Honestly, I do understand that some of the blame falls on the individual who wasn't interested in learning as well. It really is up to all three the parent, teacher, and the individual. Great Post, I just wanted to add, that there are so many advantages to reading. Thanks for sharing. =)

I can't give up my writing. It is a good thing that the SGT encourages me.

My love of reading started with my first book given to me by my father who was an avid reader,who I think, became irritated with my constant questions about what he was reading. It has since become a passion. I literally have to set out specific times to read otherwise I tend to get so engrossed in what I am reading I ignore other things I should be doing. I have a huge collection of books and we often donate them to various charities as once I have read a book I can not reread it (no mater how long after I first read it) as I only need to glance at it and the whole book come flooding back. <br />
I find though that I am not comfortable reading off of the electronic tablets, they just aren't books. Reading can be a very selfish hobby though and one I'm not likely to give up.

I will have to check that out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well I love books about peoples lives and adventures. I read this book just recently and I could not put it down. It's called 'Goodbye Mommy' written by Lora Lee Boyton. It makes you grateful for the life you have. Sometimes it's sad sometimes funny and uplifting but over fantastic!