Books Are An Adventure, In Many Different Well As Reading Is Important.

I have always enjoyed grabbing a good book, curling up and getting comfortable, and entering a world where all of my problems in this one disappear for a while. I have been reading books for so long, i could only imaging what a long list iy would be if i had written down all the titles. More than likely, there would be enough of them to fill a small book. I began reading historical romance, then I tried the crime and suspense, as well as many other genres until I found my favorite. paranormal. There are a lot of people who don't like this particular genre, and I have even heard some of the older women refer to them as "the devils books" . That as long ago while I was in the horror section at Borders, working my way to the paranormal section. I happen to notice that two of these older women (out of the small group of five) were carrying that book that is advertised on TV that promises if you don't receive any money within I believe it's thirty days, he will refund your money for the book, plus pay you $50. That is a scam, and it was revealed some time ago. The other was carrying a book by Dr. Phil. I used to watch his show long ago, but he is just one of those people that, although he does have some very insightful shows, has let his head swell a bit to big for my liking. I laughed silently to myself as they passed by me, and I thought "the true evil, is believing the non sense that they are about to read in the books they are wasting their money on, but to each their own.
I like many different authors, but I prefer the paranormal genre because it's a very interesting topic, and the books that I read are written in a way hat the story actually seems plausible. I don't really know how many times I have depended on a good book to take my mind off the mind bending pain that has become my life, or how many times I used a book to escape this crazy reality when nothing else would help. I have learned a lot just by reading, and have a very broad vocabulary as well. I have slacked off of reading for the last few months because i have been getting reacquainted with the internet. It had been a few years since we last had internet because the dial up that was available in this area was causing more headaches than it was worth. I intend to get back into reading again pretty soon. I have had people suggest that the e books were good, but it isn't as good, in my opinion as turning the pages of a good old fashioned paperback book. I know that I can't handle audio books. The person telling the story sounds like they are talking to a child, and that just makes me want to scream. Yes, it really is that bad, in my opinion.
I like books bu Laurell K. Hamilton, Maggie Shayne, Kelly Armstrong, Kresley Cole, Christine Feehan, and L.A. Freed, just to name a few. I have many more but i don't have that much time to name them. One of my personal favorites is Kim Harrison, she is a magnificent writer and her stories never disappoint. My favorite series is The Hollows. There are many in this series, and she is still writing more books to add to it, so if anyone is looking for a suggestion, that would be what I would suggest. I thought about reading some true crime, but I don't think I have the stomach or the heart for that particular genre. i can't even stand the news so I believe I will just stay away from any true crime for now. I am planning to read up on conspiracy theories before long, as I am sure that there are many that are true from the past, and there is likely a lot that can be learned from them. I am not one those conspiracy theory nuts, but we all know that there really are things going on behind the scenes that we are lied to about. Books matter because they not only take you to other places that you can't afford to travel to, they also inform us of some very important real life topics, such as health, crimes, and history. Books are a very important part of every day learning. You need to know how to read to get through daily life. If you can't read, it would be better to refuse to sign anything than to take a chance that someone lied to you about the contents of the document that you signed,, and because you couldn't read it, you end up in a very bad situation. Every one should learn to read, it is definitely necessary to conduct business in your everyday personal life.
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Thank you, I have always loved to read, so it came pretty natural to me. I have a nephew who read on a very low level. and he can't understand many of the important letters because he never got past the "See Jan and Dan run." stage of reading. He is in his late 20's or early 30's, and he can't take care of his own business matters such as paying bills, and things that require any sort of comprehension. I am sure his parents (they had five kids) could have found the time at that time to help him but they didn't, and the teachers didn't care, so he never mastered reading or any kind of vocabulary. I fought with mine, my youngest now almost 22, and it was worth the battle because they can both read.

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