Lifestyle Built By Books

I love books, just walking around in a library makes em feel amazed at the incredible things humanity has been able to accomplish. I feel that books also inspire individuals to do things themselves. For example, I have no farming experience whatsoever, nor any experience with horses, aside from the occasional ride. However, the missus and I have decided to build a horse farm in the nearby area. I got books on land surveying and such and with my subscriptions to the pioneering and homesteading magazines i read I plan on surveying and purchasing a plot of land. Then designing and building a low-impact eco-friendly home. The plan is to go totally off grid, power, water and food wise. Total independence. And it will all be accomplished by books and the like. Going to live 'by the book'. 
BlackJackBartender BlackJackBartender
26-30, M
May 7, 2012