Books Help To Relax

No story really, I just love to read. I work in the field of Mental Health so it is important for me to read as it helps me relax and let go of the stress of the day. Due to the fact that I am also studying, books are a major part of my life and I couldn't imagine ever having to give them up. Because I spend alot of time working and studying, the books I read are only Erotic romance but they help transport me to another place where only the sweetest demands are ever made.......................................................
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I am with you on the mental health bit and the book front. Tend top wartn my family when i am going for a bath cause I take a book and canm be in ther for some time. I guess wikll all need a little relaxation. Not much for Romance novels though. More into horror. James Herbert, Stephen King, Dean R Kootz and so on.
I don't work in mental health as such but have somne experience as my nephew in law suffers from Manic Depressive Schizophrenia. His mum can't handle him so I kind of took over.

Not much chance of recovery sorry to say. He is on Depo for life and is in and out of Psychiatric hospitals all the time. I am told he has a predisposition toi the illness but what really tipped him over the edge was drugs. He was a bright little lad when he was younger. Used to carry him on my shoulders. Took him on holiday each time we went too. So much potential. Its a real shame how things turned out. He is in his 30s now. Most folks are sacred of him due to his unpredictable behaviour and tendency to behave violently. I've been at this for a number of years now and have had as much success I could hope for in the circumstances.

I struggle sometimes. When there's a lot going on at home and there's a knock at the door and two police officers are stood there, it gets hard not to just leave it to someone else to deal with. Only thing is there is nobody else so I guess I'll keep doing what I do and hope it all turns out right.

I love reading erotic romance too but find I have to sift through a great deal of stuff that doesn't quite do it for me before finding something I really like. How about you, what sort of eroticism do you like? What turns you on and what doesn't?

Me too .... cannot sleep until I've read a chapter or two, but must admit to e-books as well as paper! Thrillers with lots of sex thrown in for me :-)

Do you read proper books with paper pages or e books?

No you are not strange, e books are very clinical, i have some of my favourite books that are all old and secondhand with yellowing pages and dogeared corners and its much more enjoyable with paper