Does It Matter?

Women are always surprised when I say that I don't have a "Type" or that I not a "______ Man"(leg, butt, breast, etc). It's just never mattered to me when I'm attracted to a woman. I'm either attracted or I'm not. I've been involved with slim hard bodied women and I've been involved with BBW's. It just really comes down to the woman. Different women have different kinds of attractions for me.

A lot of years ago I got involved with a woman about 12 years younger than I was. She was slim and a little on the "hard Body" side with perfect proportions. Anyone would say that she was very attractive physically. A couple years ago I got involved with what some would call a BBW. She is obviously overweight but at the same time had this "Aura" that just screamed sexy. Several other men, who tended to be pickier than me about "types", even commented on it.

Basically, for me, if a woman's got "It" going on for herself I can be attracted to her. I don't discriminate!

chickenguy chickenguy
51-55, M
3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

If she's hot an horny, I love her!

I think all men really feel this way deep down inside. However, men (especially younger men) respond to advertising and social pressure just like women do and are often afraid to admit that their sexual desires are varied and diverse. So they date vapid women who fit all the social criteria and work their frustrations out with *********** filled with images of even more perfect looking women. I feel bad for them, they would get more (and better) action if they were more like you, chickenguy.

"it" is hot and you are so right! Between the ears makes all the better.