Oh Yes! Yes!

I don't have much to say about slender women, but I am starting to appreciate them more and more.  I do like the way their **** rest on their ribs and I do think about how easily they can be "handled" or how flexible and all the wild positions they may be able to get into ...

Now chubby girls!!!!  I've always been really turned on by those special and delightful folds and creases that only chubby women can sport!  There's the crease where there **** join their arms in blissful folds that my finger and tongue quiver on consideration.  There's the way their tummies meat their hips with tender folds that beg me to explore and there are... I need to stop now before I end up feeding my wife more ice cream and ******* her silly! 

married2bf married2bf
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 7, 2010

Sounds like you just appreciate women ... period. Large, thin - everyone has there "advantages" :) I do like looking at the thinner girlssmaller breasts and enjoy the way big boobs protrude on thinner girls, but they just don't have the right bum for me!