Heck Yeah

She's my baby-mama. And no, I'm not a man, if that's what you're thinking. It's some breakthrough technology we invented one night, I'd explain it to you but it's a lot of chemistry and particles and stuff. So yeah. Brandi is awesome!
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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

i love particles.. as a semi-nerd... they get me SO turned on.

Even poop particles? I'm always afraid they are in my toothbrush =/

wait.... someone stuck your tooth brush up thurrr own ***?

Ewwww. no, dems fighting words. Someone once told me that if someone poops in the room with your toothbrush, their poop particles will float across the room and land on it =O

mmmmmmmm ****** goodness.. *takes huff*

Hahahahahahaha, oh man....

this is some forserious ****!

Sorry, of course it is =X

*passes that ***** you huff! before i get upset! *grunts*

You know I'm down! I think we're the only two in that group.

we still are, nohbody wants to come out the closet for it.. oh well, juss means more ****** fun for us... though i think lb might be on the jenkem.. hmmmmm =D

Oh ****! For real? She's one of them closet huffers then =X

yea.. i cant believe shes hogging that **** in private, the nerve of her! i should confront her!


you do it this time lmfao!

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