Wrong Examples.......

I think these dolls do give wrong examples.....there is so much on girls these days to be "cool" and "pretty" and look good, you see it every where.....the one that I saw on TV...and I love the company "DOVE" for this is that they have a campaign going for girls just to be them selves, love your selves the way you are, they way you were born, be confident in who you are and not worry about what your not!!

Take the kids shopping for clothes when they were younger, and in high school...and the clothes were not cool enough, or did not look good enough, they want to look like these daolls, or the other kids at school. It puts the wrong ideas in their heads!! we are not made to be picture perfect, or perfect in general, nothing is, and we should not be pumping it isnot our kids heads!!

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Jun 7, 2010